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Online business today has become highly competitive, lots of companies are competing to get more and more clients through their websites and into their physical locations. Given the multitude of listings thrown at prospects everyday by the search engines, how do these prospects filter who to call first and do business with?  If you are thinking these prospects first read online reviews and ratings before they pick up the phone, you would be correct! Nowadays, your online Reputation is everything and you cannot escape it. It appears in Organic SEO results, PPC results, Local Maps listing and even online advertisiments.

FACT : A Nielsen Media Study showed 70% off all consumers trust online reviews and felt it’s the best form of word-of-mouth referral marketing!

These days search engines like GOOGLE, YAHOO and BING are throwing up online reviews for local businesses as soon as someone starts typing the name of a certain business. And if there is just a single scathing bad review or even worse several of them, the prospect will most likely call your competition who has that FIVE STAR reputation online rather then you! So, these days, you no longer have the luxury of just reacting to bad reviews (by then it maybe already too late). You should take proactive steps to attain a FIVE STAR REPUTATION ONLINE and MARKET IT EVERYWHERE. So, when a potential client looks you up online, all they see are all these great reviews and ratings.

FACT : A Harvard Business School study showed just a SINGLE STAR RATING INCREASE in Yelp led to a 5% to 7% INCREASE in business revenue!

We are in the business of obtaining a FIVE STAR REPUTATION for our clients utilizing our proprietary systems and marketing strategies. And once we get you a FIVE STAR stellar reputation online, we then MARKET that reputation all over the internet. Its important to realize that we are in the business of reputation marketing and not reputation management. Some people confuse these two, but in reality, reputation marketing encompasses pro-active activities like planning, executing and maintaining a reputation marketing strategy that permeates your entire organization and the web. This is a very different approach then reputation management which is simply a reactive monitoring of online negative reviews and responding to them.

FACT : UC Berkeley survey revealed 80% of consumers PREFER to do business with companies that have POSITIVE online reviews!

With the growing importance of online reputation among the search engines. It is imperative that you first start with an online reputation marketing strategy before SEO, PPC or any other marketing efforts. This form of marketing involves both search engine marketing and search engine optimization of online reviews. Taking a more proactive approach with Reputation Marketing has many more benefits and costs much less then other forms of marketing. Your business phones will be ringing, when you build a FIVE STAR REPUTATION online and then MARKET that REPUTATION out into the world wide web!

FACT : Online Reputation has greater impact on small businesses due to recent search engine changes incorporating reviews in local search results!

A good Reputation Marketing Strategy is key to a successful local business. With this in mind,  Reputation marketing needs to be a vital element of your business marketing. Reputation marketing targets the mind set of consumers. These consumers are often pre-sold before they walk into the door from reading good reviews of your business online. Hence, helping you to close a sale much easier once these prospects walk through your doors.

In summary, Reputation Marketing is quickly becoming the most important aspect of all small business internet marketing strategies. A REPUTATION MANAGEMENT COMPANY like ours can help you to create a five star reputation online, we then take that five star reputation and use it to attract new customers, clients and patients to your local business.