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Get Found ORGANIC SEO SERVICES that combine White Hat SEO, Social Media, Local Maps Optimization, Mobile Websites, Daily Deals and Coupon Promotions for FAST persistent SEO results! Get RANKED on the FIRST PAGE of GOOGLE & BING NOW !
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Word of Mouth       The most cost effective form of Brand Marketing is Social Media. Let us take over this tedious and time consuming tasks. We manage all your social communications, create loyal fans and positive Buzz almost every day, so, you don’t have to.
Damage ControlNegative online reviews can cripple your business and hurt revenues.Review sites charge exorbitant$$ amounts to neutralize this damage. We fight back by drowning out the negative voices with a wave of positive feedback obtained from legitimate sources.

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Touching TechnologySpeed past your competition by increasing search engine rankings, improving your online reputation and getting more social. Check out what we do and why you should care below.




Are you aware of what is being said or written about you, your product or your site? When doing business online, there is nothing more painful than to hear that a potential customer “Googled” your company or personal name and will not be doing business with you because of what they read online. You are defined by what appears on Google, Yahoo and Bing. In fact, hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost each day because of false, erroneous or misleading search engine results. Whether the negative listings are from a competitor, a news site, or a message board, the impact can be financially challenging at best and devastating at worst.

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Whats all the fuss over Social Media ?

Let’s face it, you are uber busy running a business. Meanwhile,in the back of your mind, you have this NAGGING voice telling you that you should update your Facebook, post new content, engage with existing clients and get more fans. But, who has the time? The problem is getting worse with new social media sites popping up daily! Not only that, your competitors are gaining an unfair advantage with this new source of leads, customer loyalty and brand building. So, what do you do? Who do you call? Ghostbusters? Nope, wrong movie! Call the Social Media Experts at Web Marketing Fire of course! For literally pennies on the dollar, you can outsource your social media headaches to us and concentrate on what matters most, running your business! Social Media Outsourcing BENEFITS below…

  • SAVE TIME (we do everything for you)
  • Increase brand (we create online buzz)
  • Increase reputation (we solicit positive reviews from fans)
  • Increase credibility (we post unique content weekly)
  • Boost  SEO rankings (this is a fact)
  • Fly past your competitors (this is still virgin territory)
  • SAVE MONEY (very low monthly cost, no contracts, we make it easy. so call us)

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Still not convinced ? Not sure what we can do for you? No problem….Try one of our FAST START packages at an EXTREME Discount and take us for a TEST DRIVE TODAY !! ((Fast Start Packages Coming Soon))


Get IMPULSE BUYERS walking into your front door today! LEAP past your competition by increasing GEO-targeted foot traffic to your local business with mobile site optimization.

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Jump start your local business marketing efforts by creating a strong mobile internet presence. We can re-design and optimize your current or new website with the latest mobile methods like GPS Geo Location and GOOGLE MAPS to get your local business FOUND FAST when your prospects are on the go and ready to buy! So, don’t wait, call us for a free mobile consultation.

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FACT 1: Videos grab local clients much faster then other forms of online marketing.
— Videos can be ranked faster in search engines then regular internet content. Simply because the competition for creating and ranking internet videos is significantly lower then pure written content.

FACT 2: Videos Pre-sell prospects so they are already in a buying mode.
— Its no secret that videos are highly engaging, interactive and more personal. In fact  statistics show that potential clients that watch a video first before calling are 85% more likely to purchase then those that do not.

FACT 3: Videos help increase business BRAND and CREDIBILITY.
— By engaging potential clients with relevant and informative video content, there exist an opportunity to display industry thought leadership and credibility.

FACT 4: Videos help improve organic website SEO rankings.
— Everyone’s loves videos! Videos help create a better user experience and make people stay on your site longer. Both of these are important SEO factors for ranking higher on Search Engines. So, the more videos you have on your website the better your chances of being found by the search engines.



So, Why should you care ?

Local SEO Expert PointingWatch the VIDEOS below to find out..

How Google’s integration of Local Search with Online Reviews will affect your local business.

How today’s approach should combine elements of SEO with online Reputation Marketing

along with Social Media Strategies for ultimate online success! Watch the Videos above.




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